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The Podcast

If you are a Small Business Owner, Freelancer, or Consultant, or you just want to improve your professional skills and are ready to authentically differentiate yourself, stand out from the competition, and become the emotional favorite of the people you serve, this podcast is for you.

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Launched April 23, 2022

Out-position, Out-sell, & Out-experience the Competition

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About Your Host

Michael Vickers is a passionate entrepreneur and business leader whose mission is to help companies and individuals increase the value they bring to their clients by showing them how to level up the brand experience and become the preferred providers in the markets they serve.

Michael is the Executive Director of Summit Learning Systems. His company offers customized in-house training programs to many of today’s leading companies. His Training & Coaching systems, have taught thousands of people throughout North America the skills that are required to achieve optimum performance.

Michael has been spreading his message of excellence to everyone as a best-selling author, coach, and speaker for over 20 years. He will share with you practical strategies and tactics to help you improve your productivity, break your revenue ceiling and help you become the emotional favorite in the markets your serve.