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Archive for May 2022

Alan Black – SPARK UP Your Creative Thinking and Creativeness at Work

Creative Thinking is something many people struggle with. It’s not taught in schools to the same degree as logical problem-solving. In this episode, we are going to learn how we can generate more creative thought, develop a culture of creative thinking within your organizations and unlock unlimited streams of creativity for professional and business success.

If you are looking to improve your creative thinking, you will enjoy this conversation with Creativity expert Alan Black who will share some strategies and tactics to help you unlock your creative abilities. Join me now for my conversation with Alan Black.

Kit Welchlin – Connecting and Communicating in a Multi-Generational Workplace

As younger generations come of age, older individuals are opting to work longer. While multigenerational workforces present some challenges to employers, they’re arguably more productive and have less turnover than those without generational diversity.

“Leaders need to look at the multigenerational workforce as a benefit rather than a challenge.” From a tactical standpoint, once you have the mindset that it’s a benefit, you pave the way for healthy discourse, diversity in opinions, and for richness in dialogue.

What types of obstacles does having five generations in today’s workforce present? And how can organizations overcome those challenges?

To help you understand different skills and strategies, and challenges of managing a multi-generational workforce and what you can do to overcome them is my guest…Kit Welchlin.

Michelle Dickinson – Mental Health in the Workplace

Michelle Dickenson Episode

Feeling overwhelmed and need a little help? When it comes to mental health in the workplace, people are still reluctant to divulge their issues. In a recent survey, 68% of business professionals worried that reaching out about a mental health issue could negatively impact their job security. Although 50 percent of employees (and 60 percent of Millennial employees) reported having had a mental health lapse, only one-third of those employees reached out to their employers. In this episode Mental Health author, Ted Talk speaker and advocate Michelle Dickinson shares some insights on how businesses can remove the stigma and shame that comes from invisible disabilities. Join me now for my conversation with Michelle.

Jim Cathcart – How to Develop a Pro Mindset

Thinking about going pro? Ready to up your game? Looking to become more effective and confident while maintaining your authenticity and keeping it real? How much better could you be if you had a world-class success expert? My guest on today’s episode, Jim Cathcart, is considered one of the world’s leading professional speakers (ranked top 1% of the top 1% of speakers and business authors. Jim has delivered his message globally over 3000 times, and his 23 books have been helping individuals, business professionals, and entrepreneurs like you achieve more significant results. Join me now for an informative conversation with Jim Cathcart.