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Archive for August 2023

Connie Capiotis – Living Life and Running Your Business with Zest and Intention

Today’s marketplace can be challenging for all kinds of reasons, and entrepreneurs and business professionals need to stay focused and engaged.

If you’re looking to not only grow your business, but to reclaim more of your time, passion, and find spicy, savory satisfaction in all you do, then you are going to enjoy my conversation with award-winning consultant, and catalytic growth specialist, Connie Capiotis.

Jessica Zeitz – Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Real Estate

Looking to generate more leads? Whether it’s blog posts, social media or email campaigns, learn to leverage these tools effectively to reach hundreds of new prospects every week without spending hours online searching for the right people to connect with.

Learn to make your content a priority and keep up on trends, and how often you need to adjust your strategies. Join me now for my conversation with social media expert, Jessica Zeitz.