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Archive for December 2023

Arishma Singh – The Complex Inner Game that Underpins High Performance

Sales is much more complex than number crunching, reading scripts, or having coffee with clients. For too long, we’ve seen sales as something external to us. As salespeople, we spend enormous amounts of time honing our skills and figuring out how to close effectively so we get more ‘yeses’ from clients. This is what we think will make us good salespeople.

However, in only focusing on the external work, we do not give ourselves the opportunity to realize our true potential. You can see this in top athletes, performers, and artists. They don’t just ace their external game, they also become masters of the complex inner game that truly underpins their performance. To help us understand and strengthen our inner mental game is author, speaker and coach, Arishma Singh.

James Feldman – Revitalize, Reinvigorate, & Reimagine with ChatGPT

Ready to improve your customer service, increase sales, enhance your marketing, automate repetitive tasks, and streamline your business operations? ChatGPT is the fastest-growing consumer application in history hitting 100 million users in just a few months.

To help us understand how we can use ChatGPT for competitive advantage and streamline our workflows is author, speaker and transformation advisor, James Feldman.

Emma Donovan – Your Story is Already Out There – Get Branded

Personal branding is extremely important in today’s competitive world. It allows us to differentiate ourselves from competitors and build trust with clients and employers. It helps us stand out, create opportunities, be memorable.

Developing our personal brand can lead to higher salaries and new opportunities. It will help you build a positive reputation and achieve your goals. To understand how we can stand out from the crowd is branding expert, Emma Donovan.