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Archive for February 2023

Scott Channell – Sell the Meeting

Need more ideal clients? Want to set more discovery calls and sales appointments? Want to overcome your resistance to cold calling and create a predictable sales machine that gets you more high value conversations and clients?

Then you’re going to enjoy my conversation with author, speaker, and consultant, Scott Channell.

Bill Cates – Radical Relevance

Looking to sharpen your marketing message and cut through all the noise to win more clients? Are you winning the race for relevance? Your value proposition must be relevant to your prospects, or they won’t give you the time of day.

It’s not your prospect’s job to figure out your value to them. It’s your job to develop and communicate your value in a way that will resonate with your ideal clients. To help us understand what we need to do to maintain our relevance is author, speaker, and coach, Bill Cates.

Janelle Barlow – A Complaint is a Gift

According to the 2020 National Customer Rage Study, when complaining 58% of customers got no, or limited satisfaction for their efforts, while 65% left filled with rage and frustration. This means that too many businesses are scripting, outsourcing, or seriously mishandling their customer service. They are missing a key point that customer complaints are a gift to companies, that when handled well, will reap huge rewards.

To help us understand why businesses should seek out complaints, learn the strategies to handle them effectively and turn dissatisfaction into brand loyalty, is best selling author, award winning speaker and trainer, Janelle Barlow.

Jim Pancero – New Rules – Old Tools

Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever. The way people buy has changed and salespeople and sales leaders need to understand the new rules for old tools if they are to be successful.

To help us understand how to evolve our salespeople and our sales leaders is author, speaker, and sales performance coach, Jim Pancero.