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Archive for June 2022

Linda Cohen – Discover the Return on Investment of Kindness (ROI)

Kindness is not always seen as a priority in the workplace, especially as it can contrast with the traditional image of a successful entrepreneur. Haven’t we been told that ‘nice people finish last?’ Office culture can be cutthroat and competitive, leading to hurtful criticism, lack of collaboration, and miscommunication.

However, now we are increasingly talking about wellbeing in the workplace, and bringing an authentic quality to our work, being gentle with ourselves, and with others around us. And to help us understand the (ROI) of kindness, is author, speaker and trainer Linda Cohen.

Sophia Falke – Embracing Greatness, Living the Life You Love!

Are you ready to live the life you love? What is your passion… really? What do you love? What are your goals? Do you feel stuck or frustrated with a job, relationship, or other life situation? Then this episode is for you. Embracing Greatness takes the lid off previously held beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you. The process revealed in this episode helps you uncover the special contributions you’re meant to make in the world and action steps toward them. Get ready to transform your life – your relationships, emotional and physical health, financial freedom, happiness, business and creative expression. Join me now for my conversation with professional and personal development expert, speaker, and best selling author Sophia Falke.

Larry Stevenson – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Walt Disney said, “If we can dream it, we can do it.” And, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Millions of people concur with these sentiments. But some cannot even comprehend them. Most of us need assistance to believe our dreams will work. We all know how to dream, but do we know how to allow our dreams to transform into reality? That may sound like a silly question, after all, living our dreams requires work, right? If you would like to learn how to DO more, SEE more, BE more, HAVE more, and GIVE More, and learn how to transform your dreams into reality, you are going to enjoy my conversation with Larry Stevenson.

Billy Arcement – Respect, Relationships & Culture with the Candid Cajun

Episode Cover

According to the Candid Cajun, straightforward dialogue significantly improves performance. Candor means you care enough to shore up weaknesses. It means capitalizing on strengths and talents. It means you fix flaws. A lack of candor will slow you down and won’t bring improvements to the workplace and can create a toxic environment. By rewarding candor, you create a culture of candor built on trust and respect.

In this episode, our focus with the Candid Cajun is to talk about how respectful candor can give you a strategic advantage and create an environment where trust and respect flourish. Join me now for my conversation with leadership expert Billy Arcement, the Candid Cajun.