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Archive for October 2023

Michele Mariscal – Grief Recovery and Feelings of Loss that Can Lead to Anxiety

Grief is a natural response to loss, and it can have a profound impact on your mental health. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, or even a pet, the emotions that accompany grief can be overwhelming and can often lead to mental health challenges.

Understanding the connection between grief and mental health is crucial in seeking the help and support needed to navigate through this difficult journey. To help us understand the role of grief and mental health is author, speaker and coach, Michele Mariscal.

Danielle Harward – Creating Compelling Content

Ghostwriting is an essential service that has been around for many years. It allows individuals or organizations to produce high-quality content, such as books, articles, speeches, and blogs, without the need for the author to write it themselves.

Ghostwriting also helps to ensure that the content is well-written, engaging, and free from errors. It is a valuable service that plays a vital role in business today. If you want to learn all about ghost writing and create compelling content and how you can employ it in your business, then you are going to enjoy my conversation with ghost writing specialist, Danielle Harward.

Alejandro Sanoja – How to Leverage Blogs to Become the Go-To Expert in your Niche

In today’s competitive marketplace it’s essential that professionals communicate their value and expertise with confidence in order to elevate their professional profile, stand out from the crowd, and attract growth opportunities.

If you want to learn how to level up your personal branding and get the recognition you deserve, then you are going to get some great insights from my guest who is a professional business positioning expert. Join me now for my conversation with Alejandro Sanoja.

Andrew Adeniyi – The Circle of Leadership

By intentionally leveraging culture, you can inspire positive action through a compelling mission or vision statement and your core values.

Today’s guest is passionate about organizational culture, business strategy, leveraging diversity, equity, and inclusion for competitive advantage and has some great insight on leadership and work culture that can make or break your business. Join me now for my conversation with my guest, Andrew Adeniyi.

Dr Toni Warner – Success Redefined with Satisfaction in Mind

Ready to take the steps necessary to find balance and enhance your life? High achieving leaders, professionals and businesses can only make maximum impact without burning out, when they have the qualified guidance and essential framework to optimize their lifestyle and wellness effectively.

If you are looking for a step by step roadmap for getting optimized and unstuck, then you are going to enjoy my conversation with best selling author, speaker and high-level mentor, Dr. Toni Warner.