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Archive for May 2024

Rocky Garza – Achieving More than Success

Many of us, without realizing it, are living a life fueled by doubt. That doubt is keeping us from getting the promotion we want, from achieving our goals, and from creating the life we ultimately desire. It’s time to kill that doubt and build confidence.

There are stories that you tell yourself, whether they were first told to you by someone else, or it’s something you’ve created all on your own, that contribute to feeling unworthy, insignificant, and incapable.

My guest on today’s episode has been helping people like you and me find clarity about who you are, and experience the transformation that comes with truly knowing yourself, and ultimately accepting yourself. Please join me for my conversation with author, speaker and coach, Rocky Garza.

Blair Nichols – Amplify Your Voice and Brand

What fuels your passion? What makes you unique in today’s competitive marketplace and how do you get people to not just pay attention, but to PAY for your time and talent?

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch or grow a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story can make the difference. My guest today helps authors, celebrities and entrepreneurs earn millions of dollars by sharing their story effectively and leveraging their talents. Join me now for my conversation with talent amplification expert, and president of BBN Creative Management, Blair Nichols.

Dave Conway – Making Manifestation Logical

Are you an entrepreneur, leader, or professional looking for a change? Do you ever have the feeling that there is something bigger for you? That you are meant for more?

My guest on today’s episode, helps people level up their mindset, their business and their results by helping them discover the power of their own minds to experience tangible results in their personal and professional goals.

So if you are looking for a leap in your results, your earnings, and your lifestyle, you are going to enjoy my conversation with international mindset coach, and returning guest, Dave Conway.

Scott Cohen – How Email and SMS Can Help Win Back and Retain Customers

There are five generations of buyers in today’s competitive marketplace and about 19 communication channels, so whether you’re looking to maximize revenue to grow your company, boost engagement and awareness, increase repeat customers, or encourage brand loyalty, my guest today can help.

Standing out from the crowd and getting your message heard is always a challenge. Employing email and SMS marketing remain potent tools for engaging with customers. By implementing best practices such as personalization, mobile optimization, and clear CTAs, while avoiding overwhelming frequency and generic content, you can harness the power of these channels to drive meaningful results in your marketing efforts. To help us understand how to use these tools effectively is an award winning marketing expert and CEO of Inbox Army, Scott Cohen.