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Archive for July 2023

Larry Jacobson – Proven Trust-Building Process to Create Instant Rapport

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. My guest today will share his proven trust-building process to help you create instant rapport quickly and establish long-lasting relationships personally and professionally.

You’ll learn practical strategies and insights that you can apply immediately to build trust and confidence in any relationship. So, get ready to take notes and learn from one of the best in the business. Join me for my conversation with Larry Jacobson.

Akeem Haynes – Perseverance and Resiliency in Business, Sports, and in Life

In life, there are bound to be obstacles and challenges that we must face. It is how we respond to them that determines our success and ultimately shapes our character. Akeem Haynes is a prime example of how perseverance and resilience can lead to incredible achievements.

In this episode, Akeem will share his experiences and insights on how to overcome adversity and setbacks in all areas of life, including sports, business, and personal growth, so you can thrive in any situation. Join me for my conversation with Akeem Haynes.

Dr Nothabo Ncube – Inspiring Hope & Courage: Personal Empowerment

My guest today has had to overcome big challenges in order to achieve big dreams. She uses her story of loss, struggle and perseverance to inspire and empower others to make an impact in the world by turning pain into purpose.

Through her work, she has helped countless people overcome obstacles and achieve their goals by embracing their unique strengths and identities. Her approach is grounded in empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of the complexity of the human experience. Join me now for my conversation with Dr. Nothabo Ncube.

Alicia Berruti – Video and Human Centered Communication

In today’s digital age, effective communication is key to success, particularly in the business world. With video taking center stage in remote work and virtual meetings, it’s essential to understand how to use this medium to its full potential. That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce my guest, Alicia Berruti, an expert in Video and Human Centered Communication.

In this conversation, Alicia will share her insights on how to leverage video to enhance your business communication, build stronger relationships, and improve customer engagement. Join me now for an insightful conversation with Alicia Berruti.

Dee Bowden – How to Collect the Cash as a Business Owner

For business owners, making sales is the mark of success. But if you’re not keeping up with the back end, you might not have anything to show for it. To talk to us about how to stop leaving money on the table and collect the cash, is revenue recovery expert, Dee Bowden.

In this episode, Dee shares valuable insights and strategies on how to improve your billing and collections process, avoid common mistakes, and ultimately increase your revenue. Whether you’re a small business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, Dee’s expertise will help you streamline your cash flow and achieve greater financial success. Now join me for my conversation with Dee Bowden.