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Archive for November 2023

Peter Kell – Level Up Your Marketing with VSL (Explicit Warning)

Today’s business world is overflowing with innovative ideas and technologies. As a result, business owners face an increasingly competitive environment where consumer demands are increasing exponentially. This competition encourages innovative businesses to adopt more profitable, higher converting strategies to generate leads and convert them into customers.

One such strategy proven to produce a significant return on investment is the use of Video Sales Letters. A well-produced VSL can generate leads, convert leads into customers, and influence customer loyalty while increasing retention. If you’re looking to level up your marketing, you’re going to enjoy my conversation with marketing and VSL expert, Peter Kell.

Grant Muller – Grow Your Business Without Burning Out

In this rapidly changing world, relationships have never been more important. People are craving connections, not transactional exchanges. And yet, many struggle to adapt to this new reality, resulting in surface-level interactions and missed opportunities.

When we see people as numbers, we keep relationships superficial. We worry about being relevant rather than being real. We focus on getting in front of instead of being with people. To help us understand how we can grow our business without burning out and chasing leads is author, speaker, and high-performance coach, Grant Muller.

Kevin Maney – Category Design – The Key to Competitive Advantage

Most businesses just try to be better than their competitors, constantly fighting for every bit of marketshare.

If you are looking to stand out from the competition and authentically define, develop, and ultimately dominate a new category of business, you’ll need to answer the questions, “What’s the problem you solve”, “What solution must exist”, and “Why are you that solution?”

So if you are looking to dominate your market, then you are going to enjoy my conversation with bestselling author and award-winning columnist, Kevin Maney.

Kate DiLeo – Stop Telling Stories and Start Having Conversations

Today’s digital economy has turned us into bullish broadcasters. We shout as if we are holding a megaphone in our hands, blasting out a multitude of messages, hoping to catch our prospects’ attention. We are equally inundated with messages that yell right back. All of this noise is in the name of storytelling.

Stories don’t compel people to buy, conversations do. And to help us develop and implement a winning brand strategy is International best-selling author, speaker and coach, Kate DiLeo.