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Archive for June 2023

Sandie Eggers – Building Resilience

Sandie Eggers, is an expert in building resilience and overcoming adversity. Sandie has helped countless individuals and organizations to navigate through challenging times by providing them with practical strategies and tools to build their resilience.

In this episode, Sandie will share her insights on how to develop resilience, overcome obstacles, and bounce back stronger than ever before. Get ready to be inspired and motivated as Sandie shares her powerful strategies and techniques for building resilience and thriving in the face of adversity. Join me for my conversation with Sandie Eggers.

Amy Joy – The Process and Benefit of Healing Trauma

Amy Joy understands firsthand the impact of trauma and has made it her mission to help others overcome its effects. With over a decade of experience as a speaker and author, Amy has helped countless individuals navigate the healing process and move forward with their lives.

In this episode, she shares her insights and strategies for overcoming trauma in order to achieve personal and professional success. Whether you are struggling with past trauma or simply want to learn more about how to support those who are, this episode is a must-listen. Join me for my conversation with Amy Joy as we delve into the world of trauma.

Stephen McGarvey – Key Strategies from Successful Influencers

Whether you are leading a team, negotiating a contract, looking to optimize sales and marketing performance, or simply attempting to better frame conversations in every day life, persuasion and influence expert, Stephen McGarvey, reveals the proven techniques that the world’s most effective leaders use to motivate themselves and others to excel professionally and personally.

Join me now for my conversation with Stephen McGarvey.

Paul Melchiorre – What It Takes To Be Successful In Selling

Amateurs in sales score occasional wins. Professionals create consistent results. Top sales professionals don’t make quota, they exceed quota. They don’t make sales, they create customers. They don’t dream of earning a good living, they are living the good life.

My guest has captured the time-tested sales wisdom of great salespeople that realized early in their career that learning means earning. Join me now for my conversation with author, and speaker Paul Melchiorre.