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Archive for April 2023

Eric Collier – Getting Unstuck from Mental Quicksand

Do you ever feel stuck and feel like you’re sinking into mental quicksand? Does it often feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, doing the same thing every day and getting nowhere?

To help us understand how we can maintain our motivation, live more consciously, and continue our journey to our long-term goals, is “The Mayor of Motivation”, Eric Collier.

Nathalie Noisette – Strategies for Credit Score Success

Building good credit is an essential part of your financial planning. In fact, good credit is key to your future success with money.

Whether you are a business professional, entrepreneur, or have a side-gig, having and using credit appropriately and managing your finances is critical to your success. After all credit is part of your financial power. To help us understand how to make credit work for us is author, speaker and financial strategist, Nathalie Noisette.

Julie Lee – The Connected Leader

The idea that prestige is what people want most from a job is outdated. The priority has become what they need, which is a positive work culture where they feel seen, appreciated, and trusted.

How do we become the kind of leader that can foster this kind of authenticity? How can we target specific skills that foster connection? How can we create trust by modeling how to be a genuine team player? How can we understand what matters most to our people?

When we do, you can expect innovative ideas and top performance to be at an all-time high as our people thrive in a workplace where they know they belong. To help us understand how to become a connected leader is my guest, Julie Lee.

Greg Kihlström – If You Want to Lead in Business, the Customer Comes First

Between consumer demands for more personalized and greater data privacy and competitive pressures to provide better omni-channel customer experiences, brands are faced with a dilemma. Build the foundation for the future of customer relationships or lose relevancy in a crowded market. Doing this, however, is not without its challenges.

While many enterprises are engaged in digital transformations in order to modernize and anticipate future changes, these efforts are often fraught with challenges and many failed to deliver the results promised. To help us understand how to create a world-class customer experience, is bestselling author, speaker, and consultant Greg Kihlström.