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Archive for August 2022

Michael Gregory – Become Preferred Through Collaboration

Is conflict hampering your results? This episode will show you how to focus on the tasks at hand, provide you with confidence when navigating difficult situations, and gain peace in your professional and personal relationships. The Collaboration Effect will give you the framework you need for active listening, connecting with others, and negotiating closure even with difficult people. After listening to this episode with our guest, Michael Gregory, you will take actions to overcome tough situations and enhance collaboration with others.

Lauren Schieffer – Significant Leadership….It Starts with You

As we head into the third decade of the 21st Century, facing an enduring pandemic, a weakened economy and nasty political divisions, the need for significant leadership has never been more acute. The generic, efficiency leadership model of the 20th Century will not guide companies, the nation, or the world out of the current plight, because to a very large extent, efficiency leadership is what led to the situation in the first place. To help us understand how leadership needs to evolve is my guest..Lauren Schieffer.

Frank King – Landing and Leveraging a TEDx Talk

Looking to take your career to the next level? Establish credibility and become preferred in your market? Want to accelerate your results by becoming a recognized thought-leader and sought after expert? Getting, crafting, and delivering a TEDx Talk just might be what you’re looking for. To help us understand the recipe for landing a TEDx Talk, and he’s done it 7 times, is professional speaker, coach and comedian, Frank King.

Cliff Quicksell – Secrets to Small Business Success and Profitability

Many businesses start without a plan, letting their entrepreneurial spirit drive their success. There does come a time where the business begins to take over and seemingly gets away from the owner. Frustration, angst and confusion creep in and the business is now driving the owner. This episode will bring to light some points, that when honed, can get your business back on the right track, putting you in complete control once again, where you now run the business. To help us understand how to do that is my guest, Cliff Quicksell.

Kathi Kulesza – Leading with Assertive Confidence

The leaders and organizations who are emerging from the pandemic successfully have prepared for an uncertain future and have the confidence to overcome any challenge or obstacle in their path. Covid is the Great Reset. You can leverage the Covid Reset to drive your business forward, redefine your vision and outperform your competition. To help us navigate the new normal, our guest Kathi Kulesza will share her insights and strategies to inspire confident apology free leadership for your business or organization. Join me now with my conversation with leadership expert, author, speaker & coach Kathi Kulesza!