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Archive for July 2022

Amy Reczek – We Convince By Our Presence

We convince by our presence! If you are looking for a roadmap and techniques to boost your confidence, make an amazing first impression, finesse your sales pitch, and up-level your communication and relationship skills, then you are going to enjoy my conversation with author, speaker, and sales & presence expert, Amy Reczek.

Cathy Fyock – Your Book is Your Best Business Card

Have you ever considered writing a book to advance yourself professionally? Your book is your best business card. It can open doors, create authority and credibility, and build your business. Regardless of your writing level or experience, whether you have written hundreds of articles or blog posts, or you haven’t finished a paper since college or high school. You will enjoy this episode with “The Business Book Strategist,” Cathy Fyock.

Jess Tiffany – Strategically Grow Your LinkedIn Business Connections

The LinkedIn business platform continues to be an integral part of any business strategy. In today’s competitive marketplace, It is becoming more and more important not only to build a great inner circle but to move beyond and to build large diverse networks. In this episode… Jess Tiffany, CEO of the Marketing and Networking University shares easy-to-follow, practical, and concise insights that if followed can make all the difference in elevating and enhancing your LinkedIn presence. Whether you are a novice with LinkedIn or a Super User, you will find some great insights that can be applied immediately. Join me now for my conversation with Jess Tiffany.

Teddy Burriss – Building a Relevant and Meaningful LinkedIn Network

If you’re looking to discover better ways of using LinkedIn as a business tool that can amplify your presence, network, reputation, and opportunities, you will enjoy my conversation with Author, Speaker & LinkedIn Expert Teddy Burriss. In our conversation, Teddy shares some tips, tricks, and best practices to help you get discovered and learn new ways to generate the best leads, find your next great job, and connect with industry influencers. Join me now for my conversation with Teddy Burriss.