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Alejandro Sanoja – How to Leverage Blogs to Become the Go-To Expert in your Niche


Episode Overview:

In today’s competitive marketplace it’s essential that professionals communicate their value and expertise with confidence in order to elevate their professional profile, stand out from the crowd, and attract growth opportunities.

If you want to learn how to level up your personal branding and get the recognition you deserve, then you are going to get some great insights from my guest who is a professional business positioning expert. Join me now for my conversation with Alejandro Sanoja.

Guest Bio: 

Alejandro is a personal branding consultant and a ghostwriter for educational email courses and blogs for LinkedIn coaches. He has spoken on the TEDx stage, the Texas Lyceum, and the Houston Interactive Marketing Association, as well as conducts ongoing guest lectures at the Bauer MBA Program. 

Alejandro’s organization Latinpresarios was built from scratch, and now has a team of writers, videographers, designers, project managers, and personal branding consultants that serves clients all across the United States (and soon the world) by leveraging the power of digital tools.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

04:26 Introverts. We’re not shy, we just need to be alone to recharge

06:27 Personal branding

09:02 What is it that we really want to do?

12:14 Am I not a fun guy?

15:25 What mistakes do you typically see….

17:15 Make sure that you’re being thorough

20:02 What is it that people are searching for when they are close to making a buying decision

22:29 What is the the right amount of words that is the sweet spot for blogging?

26:14 What are the key components for a successful blog posts?

29:30 That would be the first step, making sure that we are in a race that we can win

31:45 The best SEO guide out there

34:09 How often should coaches, businesses, entrepreneurs be publishing new blogs?

36:04 If you do really good work with a few blogs, you can definitely start seeing results

37:19 It’s kind of like taking care of a garden

40:47 The really good buyers are doing that research

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