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Andrew Adeniyi – The Circle of Leadership


Episode Overview:

By intentionally leveraging culture, you can inspire positive action through a compelling mission or vision statement and your core values. 

Today’s guest is passionate about organizational culture, business strategy, leveraging diversity, equity, and inclusion for competitive advantage and has some great insight on leadership and work culture that can make or break your business. Join me now for my conversation with my guest, Andrew Adeniyi.

Guest Bio: 

Andrew is a first-generation Nigerian-American from South Bend, Indiana. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University Bloomington. He then went on to complete his Master of Science from Michigan State University in Management, Strategy & Leadership. With almost 10 years of executive level management experience in retail operations, Andrew has dealt with a plethora of business scenarios.

Andrew is passionate about entrepreneurship, organizational culture, business strategy, diversity, equity, and inclusion. With years of experience as an independent consultant, Andrew has helped dozens of clients amplify their potential. He strives to empower and equip leaders with the resources and tools necessary to win. Andrew currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife and two kids.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

01:56 How would I turn this ship around if I was the CEO 

03:15 The Circle of Leadership framework

05:41 When we’re talking about equity

07:21 There’s a misunderstanding of what equity even means

08:02 I define culture as….

08:56 Why are we in business? Why do we exist?

09:23 Most workplaces are filled with people who hate their workplace

09:49 Purpose, people, and process

12:12 The hiring process

13:34 Women, in particular, will not apply to jobs if they don’t meet close to 100% of the qualifications

16:45 Foster psychological safety

20:24 They have to overcome internal biases

22:51 The art of appreciation 

25:56 Do women do this better than men?

27:16 Send them handwritten notes

28:57 What are you talking about when you reference the intangibles?

30:49 Fail fast, fail forward

32:48 The more clarity we can have as leaders on our why….

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