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Anna Lovell-Nesmith – Avoid, Navigate, and Overcome Burnout


Episode Overview:

Struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, depression or exhaustion? Ready to reclaim your emotional, mental and physical health and find joy in your life. 

Here today to help us avoid, navigate and overcome burnout, without wasting time and energy, is professional burnout specialist, Anna Lovell-Nesmith.

Guest Bio: 

With a 100% success rate, Anna Lovell-Nesmith helps Business Professionals, CPA’s, Bookkeepers, and Tax Accountants avoid, navigate, and overcome burnout, and transform their lives.

Typically, clients come to Anna because they are struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, headaches, stomachaches, depression or exhaustion. Despite seeking medical attention, nothing has helped. They have utilized their resources yet remain in the same reactive, uncomfortable, and unhappy state. They are ready for a change NOW! 

Anna knows what it’s like to be burnt-out, and has witnessed first-hand the dangerous toll it can take on your body and mind. That’s why her customized approach is truly customized to suit you. Especially your learning style and techniques that are intuitive to you. 

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

02:44 Anything can trigger burnout

03:52 How are we defining burnout?

06:21 When you should seek help 

09:45 I give them bite-sized homework

10:40 Practice the power of the pause

14:00 Prioritize by impact

17:35 Before anything….take a beat 

19:46 The awareness is what it comes down to

24:00 We can only take in so much

26:28 Is there a common theme that you see?

29:01 Being laid off could lead to burnout

29:40 A lot of people put their identity with their profession

31:48 The mind and body connection

35:20 Really it’s just bite size, impactful things that we can do

36:24 What is usually the transformation that occurs?

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About the Host, Michael

Michael Vickers inspires enduring success, redefining the possible for today’s sales professionals, leaders, and managers. Whatever the sales or business opportunity, Michael will greatly enhance your odds of success. Every person who has an idea to promote, an employee to motivate, or a deal to negotiate, will attain a new level of success after an event with Michael.

Michael is also the best-selling author of Becoming Preferred: How to Outsell Your Competition, and Dance of the Rainmaker: Creating Authentic Differentiation in Today's Competitive Marketplace, where he shares his secrets to achieving the very highest level of sales mastery.

Whatever the result you’re striving for, if it involves influencing others or achieving success through others, Michael will build your confidence and accelerate your performance.

Michael is the Executive Director of Summit Learning Systems, a company that offers customized in-house training programs to many of today’s leading companies. He teaches thousands of business professionals throughout North America the skills required to achieve optimum performance.

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