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Connie Capiotis – Living Life and Running Your Business with Zest and Intention


Episode Overview:

Today’s marketplace can be challenging for all kinds of reasons, and entrepreneurs and business professionals need to stay focused and engaged.

If you’re looking to not only grow your business, but to reclaim more of your time, passion, and find spicy, savory satisfaction in all that you do, then you are going to enjoy my conversation with award-winning consultant, and catalytic growth specialist, Connie Capiotis.

Guest Bio: 

Connie Capiotis is an award winning business consultant, transformational leadership expert, speaker, and coach. As CEO of Full Flavor Leadership and the Executive Director of Digital Bridges Pittsburgh she has distilled over 20 years of experience in consulting, business development and marketing into impactful work that is “catalytic” in the lives of her clients and students.

Her strongly defined skills and high-energy personality have lent themselves well to working in a range of industries including Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses, Media/Advertising, Workforce Development, Nonprofit, and more, thriving in each. She is a business consultant, coach, and speaker who brings the smart and the heart to help businesses create “catalytic” results. She currently serves clients 1:1 through her Full Flavor Leadership program and offers the Bold Boss Boot Camp to help entrepreneurs craft a solid plan of action to quickly propel their business forward.

Connie shares practical steps and secret skills that lead to better business outcomes, more satisfaction, and yes, more money. Working from the perspectives of “right brain, left brain, and heart” you’ll learn strategies for success in business growth as well as the leadership skills and supports that are the true determinants of growth. She brings the smart and the heart!

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

03:25 Because it’s fun

04:59 Help them find spicy, savory satisfaction in all that they do

07:17 My goal is to bring out the natural beauty of everyone

08:57 Just because it’s not an employment situation doesn’t mean it’s not a growth situation

10:36 Skills, strategy and support

11:54 I’m gonna tell you the truth even if it’s not what you want to hear

16:14 Are we functioning as a human team?

17:16 When you take care of the whole human being, they’re better able to perform

19:13 You’ve got to think about why you’re asking certain questions

21:46 My favorite analogy to use is: Life is like a tornado

25:18 There’s always opportunity

27:40 You are your own best investment

28:05 Everybody wants the butterfly moment

29:03 Bottom line….we all have different levels of willpower

30:18 The money is the end result

32:07 Habit Stacking

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