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D Arlando Fortune – Self Publishing, Storytelling, and High Performance


Episode Overview:

Ready to take your career to the next level? Need some strategies to get your book written, and most importantly published? My guest D Arlando Fortune, or “Fortune” as he likes to be called, is a master when it comes to storytelling and has a unique perspective on entrepreneurship, having transitioned from pro-level baseball, to government accountant and to the world of self-publishing.

Fortune’s approach is centered around storytelling, as he understands the importance of connecting with your audience and standing out from the crowd. Join me for my conversation with D Arlando Fortune. 

Guest Bio: 

Fortune is a self-publishing strategist, bestselling author of multiple books, and creator of the SIGNATURE Book Formula™. He’s the founder of No Doubt Nation where the followers live by one mantra: “Make LIFE Happen… EVERY DAY!” And the mastermind behind the #OneBookAway Movement and the Wealthy Author Podcast. 

Through his books, speaking, and business he teaches entrepreneurs and speakers how to write, publish, and turn branded books into multiple streams of income.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

03:57 I wrote the outline for my first book

05:36 What have you learned from writing?

07:23 The know, like, and trust factor

08:23 The Zeigarnik Effect

10:15 I created 5 questions….

12:26 Psychologically speaking, it’s impossible to hate someone that you’ve laughed with

14:44 There’s some bad books out there

18:47 When you’re writing the book and you get writer’s block

20:11 The right side of the brain is about that creative stuff

23:01 There’s nothing new under the sun. All of this information is regurgitated

25:39 Should your marketing strategy come before, during, or after writing the book

26:39 Nobody’s truly altruistic

29:16 One of the key things that you should think about if you’ve been procrastinating 

32:13 There are five phases in the Signature Book formula 

34:21 I use a S.T.O.R.Y. formula

37:52 Tips on how to come back better and stronger after a setback

40:14 Keep the main thing, the main thing (thang!)

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