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Dee Bowden – How to Collect the Cash as a Business Owner


Episode Overview:

For business owners, making sales is the mark of success. But if you’re not keeping up with the back end, you might not have anything to show for it. To talk to us about how to stop leaving money on the table and collect the cash, is revenue recovery expert, Dee Bowden.

In this episode, Dee shares valuable insights and strategies on how to improve your billing and collections process, avoid common mistakes, and ultimately increase your revenue. Whether you’re a small business owner or a seasoned entrepreneur, Dee’s expertise will help you streamline your cash flow and achieve greater financial success. Now join me for my conversation with Dee Bowden.

Guest Bio: 

Dee Bowden is an author and revenue recovery consultant. She works with companies that have outstanding invoices for services/products provided but not yet paid.

Dee’s favorite money statement is, “The Sale is Not Complete Until the Money is in the Bank!” She and her team have recovered $13.5 million over the past 10 years and Dee has been featured in Forbes, Black Enterprise, Thrive Global and Success Profile Magazines.

Dee is the founder of BCS Solutions where she and her talented team educate business owners about the importance of tracking client accounts.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

03:21 Can you help us collect $8 million?

06:07 The sale is not complete until the money’s actually in the bank

07:41 A huge reason why a lot of invoices don’t get paid

08:02 The fortune is in the follow up, but it’s also in the details

09:56 It impacts small and medium sized companies 

13:40 Whether you’re team iPhone or team Android

15:27 You’re waiting for these two magical words: Transaction Approved

16:27 Tools for staying organized?

17:50 Done is better than perfect

18:49 There’s nothing wrong with asking for the money upfront

20:44 Collections and invoicing is an extension of customer service

22:02 Good customer service

24:10 The more that I have built the relationships….

26:55 What’s the value of goal setting as a first step?

28:31 When would I begin to enlist help with accounts receivables?

32:23 You are there to see the company win

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