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Jessica Zeitz – Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Real Estate


Episode Overview:

Looking to generate more leads? Whether it’s blog posts, social media or email campaigns, learn to leverage these tools effectively to reach hundreds of new prospects every week without spending hours online searching for the right people to connect with. 

Learn to make your content a priority and keep up on trends, and how often you need to adjust your strategies. Join me now for my conversation with social media expert, Jessica Zeitz.

Guest Bio: 

Jessica Zeitz has always been enamored with architecture, interior design, and writing. So Jessica’s passion for real estate, design, and writing has enabled her to build a successful business that helps clients in the real estate industry achieve their goals. 

She has successfully grown Instagram accounts to over 10K real, targeted followers, increased engagement by 40%, and expanded Facebook page reach for her clients. Additionally, Jessica has built email lists of 1000 contacts from scratch and helped her clients transform their passions into lucrative ventures. When she’s not working, you can find her traveling the world, trying new food, and doing yoga.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

07:38 I really want them to think it’s an investment, not just an expense

09:03 Is it about frequency or quality? 

11:01 If you have to pick one high value, high quality, every time

12:11 There’s over 19 channels of communication that we can use

13:59 Just do what resonates with you

17:10 Repurposing the content

18:35 It’s about solving problems….

21:15 A course from Rachel Pedersen

22:50 If you have the money….

27:56 My sweet spot is between 600 words and no more than 2000 words

30:00 Content is number one and it’s the most important

32:52 Outsourcing is the best way to grow

33:26 Getting your hands dirty is really important

34:43 What are the things we should be looking for in a copywriter?

35:20 So the copy has to work for every stage of the sales funnel

36:23 Please don’t ask for free work

37:55 Nothing is black and white. Everything is gray

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