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Kate DiLeo – Stop Telling Stories and Start Having Conversations


Episode Overview:

Today’s digital economy has turned us into bullish broadcasters. We shout as if we are holding a megaphone in our hands, blasting out a multitude of messages, hoping to catch our prospects’ attention. We are equally inundated with messages that yell right back. All of this noise is in the name of storytelling.

Stories don’t compel people to buy, conversations do. And to help us develop and implement a winning brand strategy is International best-selling author, speaker and coach, Kate DiLeo.

Guest Bio: 

Kate DiLeo is a brand architect, #1 international bestselling author, and the founder of The Brand Trifecta, the top brand building platform that has helped thousands of organizations craft brands that bring more prospects to the table, more users who click, and more customers who buy.

Kate’s approach is rooted in the belief that brand is the path of least resistance to revenue. She teaches you to eliminate complex and ineffective storytelling by delivering a simple yet provocative message that tells prospects what you do, how you solve their problem, and how you differ from the competition. The outcome? Brand conversations that convert!

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

03:10 We have humans who are already so overwhelmed

05:11 Your brand is the path of least resistance to revenue

06:02 You talk about provocative messaging and why it works

06:36 There’s a huge difference between being pretentious and provocative

07:43 At the very tip top of that triangle is what I call that Brand Trifecta

09:16 Have your tagline and your value proposition statement above the fold of the page

12:38 Storytelling does have its place

15:17 People intrinsically know so quickly

16:34 We want to try and activate the “I get you” moment

19:02 We make decisions based on emotion first

20:12 What we’re talking about is dissemination of our target audiences

22:32 Great brands do not speak to everybody

24:23 Who said you have to go after everybody?

26:16 What did you learn from his business style?

27:52 95% of the time you’re not dealing with what we call a full rebrand

30:04 If your brand were a person, who would it be?

31:52 Consumers want to get to the point

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