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Michele Mariscal – Grief Recovery and Feelings of Loss that Can Lead to Anxiety


Episode Overview:

Grief is a natural response to loss, and it can have a profound impact on your mental health. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, or even a pet, the emotions that accompany grief can be overwhelming and can often lead to mental health challenges. 

Understanding the connection between grief and mental health is crucial in seeking the help and support needed to navigate through this difficult journey. To help us understand the role of grief and mental health is author, speaker and coach, Michele Mariscal.

Guest Bio: 

Michele Mariscal’s professional experience spans several disciplines – fitness, worksite wellness, training and development. In her personal life, she has always been a seeker asking the questions that most people ask at some point. “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” 

Several devastating experiences of grief over the past 25 years pushed her deeper into these questions. She consistently applied her own learning to the continued healing of depression, anxiety, and grief. 

Now, she directs her professional skills and experiences combined with several spiritual healing modalities to serving others. It’s a multi-faceted approach, combining experience and background to help people live a life of vitality. She specializes in helping people move through grief and loss, to find meaning and contribution in life.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

02:22 Great book called Growing Through Grief

02:30 There’s over 40 other types of losses

02:48 Definition of grief is the conflicting feelings brought on by any emotional loss

03:52 When our heart is registering some emotion that triggers fear….

07:30 Incomplete grief 

09:16 Recognize when grief is present

11:00 I would never have anybody compare any of their losses

13:52 What’s the connection between grief and personal identity? 

16:00 Grief has a cumulative effect

18:23 Is there a positive purpose to grief? 

20:40 Our hearts don’t break apart, they break open 

22:18 The simple technique is called heart focused breathing 

24:44 How does grief affect the working person and the workplace atmosphere?

27:26 I think if everybody took this mindset and heart set….

29:20 That myth is it just takes time

31:11 We are all, 100% of us, grievers

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