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Nathalie Noisette – Strategies for Credit Score Success


Episode Overview:

Building good credit is an essential part of your financial planning. In fact, good credit is key to your future success with money.

Whether you are a business professional, entrepreneur, or have a side-gig, having and using credit appropriately and managing your finances is critical to your success. After all, credit is part of your financial power. To help us understand how to make credit work for us is author, speaker and financial strategist, Nathalie Noisette.

Guest Bio: 

New York Native, Nathalie Noisette, has transformed the way we approach our business finances. As a game-changing financial executive, Nathalie is widely respected for achieving strategic and service excellence in evolving markets and competitive industries. 

Nathalie’s experience as a multi-industry expert has allowed her to drive unprecedented revenue and 2X profitability gains in numerous fast-paced startup environments. By galvanizing immediate wins and transcending cultural divides, Nathalie has become a reputed C-level influencer and business strategy accelerator with a unique vision to help companies efficiently surpass targeted goals. 

Nathalie has cheerfully delivered inspirational financial leadership for SMEs while expertly guiding them through revenue-building strategies and cost-saving initiatives to accomplish explosive business growth.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

05:11 Book is entitled, Converted

05:34 No matter where you are in your journey

07:07 Interest is not in your interest

09:12 Being a parent just puts you into this gear that you don’t know you have

10:35 What does money mean to you? 

12:27 Value is always a perception issue

16:23 There’s really never a time where we are not looking at the ratio of expenses to income

18:54 You don’t have to fail, you just have to strategize 

22:18 Your perception of value and their perception of value

23:30 The difference between a poverty mindset and a wealth mindset

24:51 Every single interaction, every business you engage with, every product you buy is a problem that is being solved at a profit

26:17 if you don’t address the personal things, they bleed into the business things

27:40 The more money you make, the more problems you’ll have

34:13 Data suppression

36:14 Is there life after chapter 11?

38:48 Difference between good debt and bad debt

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