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Rusty Komori – Creating a Superior Culture of Excellence


Episode Overview:

In today’s world, change is the only constant, and the bar for success is only rising higher. Gone are the days when being “good enough” could satisfy customers and beat back the competition. So what’s the solution? Leaders and businesses must evolve from being good to great to superior. 

My guest in this episode, says gaining a superior edge is more important than ever and to share with us his insights is author, speaker, and coach, Rusty Komori. 

Guest Bio: 

RUSTY KOMORI is an inspirational keynote speaker, executive coach, and tennis professional based in Honolulu, Hawaii. From 1994 through 2015, he was the head tennis coach at Punahou School, where his boys’ varsity teams won an unprecedented 22 consecutive state championships, a national record in all sports that stands to this day. In 2014, he was named NHSCA’s Coach of the Year and inducted into Creighton University’s Hall of Fame. 

Today, Komori is a sought-after keynoter and executive coach with a diverse client roster, including Kaiser Permanente, the YWCA, and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Association. He’s the host of the televised series Beyond the Lines and the author of three books, including his newest release, Superior: Creating a Superior Culture of Excellence (Blackstone Publishing; May 7, 2024)

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

02:34 The four P’s of achieving success, People, Purpose, Process and Performance

04:15 And then, when we’re going for our 17th consecutive state championship….

06:46 I would tell them that I am not going to protect you from a challenge

09:16 There’s two types of people in the world

11:41 What kind of obstacles do you see with businesses that they’re challenged with?

12:59 There’s a gigantic difference between being a great person versus being a great leader

15:08 I’m trying to change the narrative from mental health to mental fitness 

16:10 What is mental toughness?

17:33 You introduced the concept of the four P’s of achieving success

20:39 Talk about purpose

22:11 Every single minute in practice matters, because it either gets us closer to achieving our goal or it doesn’t

23:50 I like to focus on performance goals, because….

25:40 You call it my 1 % principle. How does that work?

28:09 Those are all key areas that we need to focus on

30:02 Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong

31:13 I share the difference between good, great, and superior

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