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Steve Hillis – Empower Your Team to Exceed Sales Goals and Maximize Profitability


Episode Overview:

If you’re looking for ways to empower your sales and service teams to exceed goals, develop a positive mindset, maximize their effectiveness and hold them accountable for their productivity, you’re going to enjoy my conversation with coach, trainer, and personal leadership expert, Steve Hillis.

Guest Bio: 

Steve is a dedicated business professional specializing in business coaching and sales strategy development. He has been a driving force behind sales increases for Fortune 500 companies since 1980.

His early beginnings began with building a commercial flooring company called Metro Flooring Companies. Then leading the marketing for Tandus in the Healthcare market, working for Mohawk Commercial Group as Sr. VP of Marketing and then a business turnaround at Durkan Hospitality. Steve led a major business turn-around for Beaulieu Commercial Flooring and has consulted with over 25 firms.

Steve is today leading the Empower Partners team of professional coaches, trainers, recruiters and consultants.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

04:39 Servant leadership

07:44 Our mind is not our friend…

08:19 Motivational accountability

13:14 Breaking belief barriers

17:43 Barriers for empowering a team

21:10 Empower your salesperson to build relationships and

23:16 Moving them from a bureaucracy to empowerment

25:31 Manufacturing a better bottom line

27:02 Companies get caught up in selling on price

28:30 Superior customer service

29:01 CARE – Customers Are Really Everything

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About the Host, Michael

Michael Vickers inspires enduring success, redefining the possible for today’s sales professionals, leaders, and managers. Whatever the sales or business opportunity, Michael will greatly enhance your odds of success. Every person who has an idea to promote, an employee to motivate, or a deal to negotiate, will attain a new level of success after an event with Michael.

Michael is also the best-selling author of Becoming Preferred: How to Outsell Your Competition, and Dance of the Rainmaker: Creating Authentic Differentiation in Today's Competitive Marketplace, where he shares his secrets to achieving the very highest level of sales mastery.

Whatever the result you’re striving for, if it involves influencing others or achieving success through others, Michael will build your confidence and accelerate your performance.

Michael is the Executive Director of Summit Learning Systems, a company that offers customized in-house training programs to many of today’s leading companies. He teaches thousands of business professionals throughout North America the skills required to achieve optimum performance.

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