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Posts by Michael Vickers

Janelle Barlow – A Complaint is a Gift

According to the 2020 National Customer Rage Study, when complaining 58% of customers got no, or limited satisfaction for their efforts, while 65% left filled with rage and frustration. This means that too many businesses are scripting, outsourcing, or seriously mishandling their customer service. They are missing a key point that customer complaints are a gift to companies, that when handled well, will reap huge rewards.

To help us understand why businesses should seek out complaints, learn the strategies to handle them effectively and turn dissatisfaction into brand loyalty, is best selling author, award winning speaker and trainer, Janelle Barlow.

Jim Pancero – New Rules – Old Tools

Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever. The way people buy has changed and salespeople and sales leaders need to understand the new rules for old tools if they are to be successful.

To help us understand how to evolve our salespeople and our sales leaders is author, speaker, and sales performance coach, Jim Pancero.

Steve Weinberg – Above Quota Performance

More than 50% of sales pros regularly fail to achieve their annual sales targets. Corporations have invested generously in training, but it doesn’t seem to be effective. Despite spending millions of dollars, they have not been able to solve the pervasive problem of low sales quota achievement. There is no other profession where this pattern of low performance success is tolerated.

Moreover, the pandemic has made B2B selling even more challenging. Sales is no longer a simple linear process. Today’s sales professionals require new skills to deal with the profound changes in the digital marketplace. To help us understand our current environment and how we can exceed quotas is author of the just released book, Above Quota Performance. Join me now for my conversation with Steve Weinberg.

Diane Windingland – Elevate Your Virtual Presentations

Whether you’re presenting training programs, team meetings, or a sales pitch, you can present like a pro, deal with technological glitches, appear calm under pressure, and deliver value packed virtual presentations.

If you want to learn how to make your online meetings as engaging as in-person you’re going to learn some helpful strategies and tactics in my conversation with Diane Windingland.

David Irvine – Authentic Leadership

Leadership is not defined by your title or the size of your office. Leadership is defined by the difference you make, by your capacity to build leaders around you, and by results.

Ready to find your voice, deepen your presence, and amplify your impact? You’re going to enjoy my conversation with best selling author, speaker, and coach, David Irvine.